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Adopt a Hamlet

Why adopt a hamlet
The Kutch area of Gujarat is prone to drought, cyclone and earthquake; calamities that not only damage natural resources but also affect the life and economy of the region. Suffering scanty rainfall, it is also one of the most backward and under developed areas in the state and home to some of the most vulnerable communities like the Parkara Kolis, Desi Kolis and other disadvantaged communities.

Most communities in these settlements are nomadic in nature but face severe discrimination from the villagers. This has pushed them away, stripping them of legal identity and access to basic facilities like healthcare, education, drinking water, and electricity. In all of this, women and children are the most affected.

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Every hamlet is home to approximately 70 children. By adopting a hamlet, you could reach out to all of them at once and ensure that they get their rights to healthcare, education, mid-day meals, electricity, etc. Your support can ensure an all rounded development for them, and their communities.

When you adopt a hamlet, you help us reach out to children and communities in the area, and ensure that they get their rights.
Adopt a hamlet today so that we can to achieve the following together in the coming year.
what you can do Adopt a Hamlet and you can ensure all children in a hamlet have the right to childhood.
via one time donation
£250 pounds
via standing instructions
£21 per month
What will your 250 acheive
Right to Survival
All children aged 0-5 years will be immunised to ensure good health and growth
Birth registration of all children to ensure that they get an identity and all the rights as a citizen of the country
Activation and regular functioning of 1 Health Centre to ensure that the communities have access to healthcare facilities
1 pre-school centre activation and regular functioning to monitor development of children between the age of 0-6 and to provide supplementary nutrition and ante-natal care to children and women.
Right to Protection
Child labourers between 5-18 years will be enrolled in school
Create awareness within the community on child marriage by door-to-door visits.
Right to Development
Atleast 70 children will be enrolled in school and will be ensured that they stay in school
Ensure regular supply of water and electricity facilities
Every child will receive quality mid-day meals in school
Right to Participation
1 Women’s Group will be formed and strengthened in each hamlet to ensure issues of child mortality, child marriage and maternal and child health are addressed to.
1 Children Group to be formed. The exiting groups to be strengthened through participation from more girl children and joining of out of school children.
1 Youth Group will be strengthened and mentored to ensure better employment opportunities.
For More Information Contact cry.uk@crymail.org
Your donation of £250 will go in a common fund to ensure that all children across all 148 hamlets will be ensured their rights and basic amenities.