JustGiving makes it easy to donate and raise funds for good causes.
What's in it for you
  • it's quick, easy and secure
  • your friends and family can sponsor you anywhere, anytime
  • you can personalise your page with photos and videos and tell everyone why you are taking part
  • there's no need to bother with paperwork or chasing your sponsors for their pledge after your event
  • you can add the money you raise with your own fundraising activities to your total
  • your page will stay open up to seven weeks after your event
  • there's a handy widget that lets you add your fundraising page to your Facebook and MySpace profile
  • all donations and Gift Aid are collected and returned automatically to CRY UK

Setting up your online sponsorship page

  • Anyone can set up their own unique online sponsorship page through JustGiving, which enables friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you conveniently via debit or credit card.
  • Sponsorship raised this way is automatically credited to the participant and goes directly to CRY UK's bank account, making it easy for everyone. We encourage you to use this facility as much as possible.
  • To set up a unique sponsorship page with JustGiving to support CRY UK, please visit www.justgiving.com/cryuk/raisemoney. Simply follow the instructions on the website and your page will be set up in minutes. If you have any problems with your page please contact JustGiving's helpline on 0845 021 2110.

Getting the most out of your fundraising page

  • Once your page is up and running, you are free to start using it to collect sponsorship immediately. Most people do this by sending round an email to all their contacts containing a brief explanation about their motivations for taking part in the sponsored event, why they have chosen CRY UK to benefit from it, and a link to their sponsorship page.

There are a host of ways to maximise its potential, here are a few ideas:

  • Personalise your page
    When you set up your fundraising page, you can personalise it with your own words and images. Let people know why you are raising money for CRY UK, and what it means to you.
  • Make a list of people who will sponsor you
    Make a list of everybody you think would like to sponsor you. Don't leave anybody out!
  • Ask close friends and family to sponsor you first
    Email all your close contacts – family and good friends – the link to your Justgiving page before anyone else. This is so that they can'set the trend' for donations size, as friends and family are likely to be the most generous!
  • Spread the word about your online sponsorship page
    After your close friends and family have started sponsoring you, email your remaining contacts on the list you made. Justgiving have a handy tool to help you do this. Log into your account, click 'Your Fundraising pages' and then use the "Add addresses from your own email address" option. This will let you email your entire address book – or selected contacts from it – easily.
  • Add a link to your page in your e-signature
    Use your e-signature to let everybody know about your online sponsorship page. Just add a link to your online sponsorship page to your e-signature, along with an encouragement for people to sponsor you.
  • Use the Justgiving widget and Race buttons
    You can spread the word about your online sponsorship page with a Justgiving widget. These are little badges that you can add to a web page or social networking profile (Facebook, Myspace page etc.) to promote your online fundraising. To add your widget or button, log into your Justgiving account, click 'Your fundraising pages', then 'Get a widget').
  • If you use Facebook, add the Justgiving application
    If you have a Facebook page, add the Justgiving application. See http://apps.facebook.com/justgivingapp
  • Get your page address out there!
    If you are using any printed materials as part of your fundraising (posters, flyers etc.), or sending press releases to local media, always include your online sponsorship page address on them.
  • Send a polite reminder / fundraise after your event
    Follow up your initial email about your fundraising with a (polite!) reminder about your Justgiving page, or a personal thank-you to people who sponsored you. Around 20% of donations are made after events are finished, so you can fundraise even when your race is over – email your contacts a fundraising total update straight after your event, with a final appeal to help you beat your target.