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The CRY UK Team

CRY UK supported Project Gram Swaraj Sangh (GSS) in Gujarat, India

CRY UK Support Project Gram Swaraj Sangh (GSS)

CRY UK’s mission to work with NGO partners and at the grassroots level, to make lasting change in the lives of children across India, is furthered by our people. From our trustees, to employees and volunteers, all our people bring commitment, time and skills to make CRY UK what it is today - a people’s movement for the rights of children in India.

CRY UK's governing leadership structure is made up of two bodies

CRY UK's Board of Trustees
CRY UK's Advisory Committee

Board of Trustees

Serve in their individual capacity, and not as representatives of any organisation or institution, to ensure complete independence in policy making.

Advisory Committee

Builds CRY UK’s credibility, presence and fundraising capacity in the UK.

Responsible for:

Overall governance of CRY UK as specified in Charity Law and in accordance to the charity commission

Policy formulation, statutory and legal compliance

Financial management at CRY UK and approval of business plans

Responsible for:

Promoting and enhance CRY UK objectives

Building CRY UK’s credibility, presence and fundraising capacity in the UK through media and corporate partnerships

Identifying sponsorship opportunities for CRY UK’s events and bringing on board high net worth individuals (HNIs) through support and engagement

Teja Picton Howell
Teja Picton Howell, Trustee and Senior Consultant International Corporate Law, Penningtons Solicitors LLP
Teja is an international lawyer with Penningtons Solicitors. He is admitted as a solicitor, Supreme Court of England and Wales, in 1987 and an advocate, Supreme Court of Oman, in 2007.
Teja has served as a CRY UK trustee since 2005. He believes that a voice, dignity, and education is every child’s birth right, and that in equipping them with these CRY UK can enable them to break the cycle of generations of hopeless poverty.
Syed Anwar Hasan
Syed Anwar Hasan, Trustee and Former Director, Tata Ltd
Mr. Syed Anwar Hasan, Former Director of Tata Limited, joined the Tata Group in 1963 in Calcutta with Tata Steel. He has held several executive positions ranging from Executive Vice President to Managing Director of Tata Limited during his tenure.
He has also served as Director to several other Tata Group Companies in the UK, including Tata Beverage Group, Tata Motors European Technical Centre, Corus Netherlands BV, Tata Capital and Piaggio Aero Industries, and S.P.A.
Ms.Akila Lingam
Akila Lingham, Trustee
Akila Lingham has over twenty years of experience in the private, public and the NGO sectors. Over the past thirteen years, Akila has worked in the charity sector at a senior level with organisations such as Womankind Worldwide, Save the Children and Human Rights Watch. More recently, she was Chief Operating and Financial Officer at PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) - a fast growing entrepreneurial charity building secondary education schools in Uganda and Zambia.
Operations and governance are her strong points and an area of personal interest.
Puja Marwaha
Puja Marwaha, Chief Executive, CRY in India
Puja is the Chief Executive at CRY - Child Rights and You (CRY UK’s partner in India). She holds a a postgraduate diploma in Human Resources from XISS - Ranchi. Prior to being CRY’s CEO, she has lead Human Resources Development and Administration teams and served as a Regional Director for West India region, headquartered in Mumbai. Puja has been with CRY since 1994.
Kreeanne Rabadi
Kreeanne Rabadi , Director - Western Region
CRY in India Kreeanne joined CRY in 2000 to lead the Resource Generation team in West, India. In 2005 she set-out to establish the marketing function for CRY America. Today, she is the Regional Director West, CRY India.
Child Rights and You UK is registered charity no. 1119026 Registered in England as a company limited by guarantee having
company number 05621889. Write to us at: Mr. Teja Picton-Howell, Child Rights and You UK, C/O - Penningtons Manches LLP,
Abacus House, 33 Gutter Lane, London, EC2V 8AR.
Email: cry.uk@crymail.org


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