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Child Labour Elimination Project – Jago Foundation

Based in the Giridih district, Jago was set up in 2004 in response to mass displacement of local communities due to mining and land acquisitions programmes. The depletion of forest cover led to a further loss of income and added to their hardship.
Saying no to child labour,
yes to education.
  • Displacement of people because of acquisition of land by Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) without adequate compensation
  • Deforestation and degradation of soil, severe drought proneness, inadequate sources of irrigation facilities and the largely unequal profit sharing from agriculture has rendered agriculture unprofitable.
  • Child labour is also rampant and malnourishment of children is common.
  • Illiteracy, gender abuse, caste discrimination and male alcoholism.
Our Impact in 2013-14

Our Impact in 2013-14
Looking Ahead
Looking Ahead
  • Ensure 100% immunisation of all children between 0-1 years
  • Activate 10 ICDS centres
  • Activate 4 Public Distribution Centres to ensure regular supply of essential commodities
  • Ensure 100% enrolment of new children in school
  • Activate 6 primary schools
  • Form 8 child collectives who can address and discuss child right issues within their villages
Budget Summary for Jago

Rights Budget Percentage
Right to Survival £3575 25%
Right to Development £386 3%
Right to Protection £2349 16.5%
Right to Participation £3291 23%
Administration + Capital Expenses £4624 32.5%
Total £14216 100%

Story unveiled
What they saw
A short film by children from Jago
A short film by children from Jago
Child Rights and You UK is registered charity no. 1119026 Registered in England as a company limited by guarantee having
company number 05621889. Write to us at: Mr. Teja Picton-Howell, Child Rights and You UK, C/O - Penningtons Manches LLP,
Abacus House, 33 Gutter Lane, London, EC2V 8AR.
Email: cry.uk@crymail.org


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