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Six year old, Dhruv Jajodia was the youngest participant and one of the highest fundraiser with £444, in CRY UK’s Night Walk held on Mar 31, 2012. Here’s a small story narration from him on why he supports CRY UK.

"Suresh wants to be a pilot.... but does not have access to schools. Sita wants to be a nurse, but she is a girl child. Karsan is really good at singing, but he is seriously ill.

I would like to help Suresh, Sita, Karsan and lots of other under privileged children through CRY UK."

Five and half year old Malaika Patel-a student at Glendower School in London raised £320 for CRY UK duringher half term holiday in February 2012.

Malika’s mother Deepali, on former’s insistence, sold off the paintings made by the little artist to friends and family to raise funds. Malaika did this because she wants all Indian children to have clean water, food and great school just like her in order to 'thrive' (a new word she learned in spelling class in Year 1).

She now, plans to donate some of her toys to children in Africa. She says a big thank you all her aunts and uncles who helped make this happen!

Four friends and co-workers Sanjeev Kumar, Lokendra Singh, Gitanjali Narang and Sanjeev Arya were the running team for Infosicons at the Edinburgh Marathon on May 21, 2011, where they together raised £1500 for CRY UK.

They each set up their JustGiving page, before the marathon, and asked for sponsorship from their friends, family and acquaintances. On the day of Marathon, they ran 26 grueling miles around beautiful Edinburgh and completed the run uninjured and jubilant!

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