Honour Roll

No change is too small.
We would like to thank all those
who have made a positive difference
to the lives of several underprivileged
children in their own way.

Ash Gangotra

Radyr Comprehensive School

A group of 14 Welsh students of year 9 from Radyr Comprehensive School, Cardiff led by their art teachers, Mrs. Sharon Williams and Mrs. Ceri Hutchins participated in Wales Puja Committee's ‘Making Durga’ project and created four beautiful paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses which they auctioned to raise funds for CRY UK. They donated the entire amount of £315 to CRY UK to ensure education and healthcare facilities to disadvantaged children in India.

Ash Gangotra


11 year old Ella, a year 6 pupil took part in an entrepreneurial week in her school where students were put into competing groups. Each group was asked to choose a charity that they would like to support and Ella suggested CRY because she felt deeply about making a difference to the lives of children in India. After a presentation about making graffiti styled T-shirts, her group, 'GRAFFI-T', was chosen as the overall best. This meant that all the money raised by all the teams from the selling of their t-shirts would be donated to CRY. CRY is grateful to team GRAFFI-T for their support through their brilliant creativity and hard work.

Ash Gangotra

Dr. Suneel Saini

The ‘Long Drive Home’ is about Suneel’s dream of driving half way across the world from London to his hometown Nahan in North India & eventually finishing in Mumbai. While living his dream and enjoying the long drives to various countries he also decided to raise funds for the cause of child rights. He supported CRY UK and the disadvantaged children in India through this journey. His humorous and insightful updates along with beautifully clicked photographs made us feel like we were a part of this exciting journey. A big thank you to Suneel, Rajesh and all the supporters for their generous contribution.

Ash Gangotra


IBM is a multinational technology and consulting corporation. We thank IBM for choosing CRY UK as the beneficiary of their annual Christmas event: Bollywood Night. And for their generous donation of £3,810 for the benefit of disadvantaged children in India.

Ash Gangotra

Nick Robins

Nick Robins wears many hats – working on sustainable investing in the City, but he's also a historian of our corporate past. His book, The Corporation that Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational, traces the rise and fall of the East India Company - its booms and busts, the way it revolutionised lifestyles in Europe, conquered India with its private army and promoted the opium trade with China. The idea for the book came from Nick's walks around London to understand the Company's legacy for today's world. Despite his hectic work schedule, Nick has been helping CRY UK to raise funds by giving guided walks around the City, His unique fund raising event takes people for a walk along the streets and alleyways of the City, past the Company's warehouses and headquarters (and even its pub). Unravelling the history of East India Company, the event is hugely popular among people keen to know more about London's historic links with Asia. CRY UK remains ever grateful to committed individuals like Nick, who care about making a difference.
You can check out his book at //www.plutobooks.com/display.asp?K=9780745331959&

Ash Gangotra


Tushar, a second generation British Asian, wished to connect with and contribute towards the country of his parents. A father of three young children and CFO of a private equity firm, Tushar manages to juggle these commitments with his volunteering activities. He has been at the forefront of many recent CRY UK fundraising initiatives including organising events and cultivating corporate support for CRY UK, and he has also raised funds by completing 'Tough Mudder' in 2015. CRY is grateful for Tushar’s commitment and dedication.

Ash Gangotra

Richard Mcbride

Richard a busy professional was a team member of Ipes football team who participated in our 2015 Tournament. A friendly and kind soul he happened to mention his passion for quiz as well and agreed to act as a quiz master for CRY quiz event. In addition to his demanding day job he burned the night oil to prepare the quiz questions and conducted a high level quiz for over 50 participants (8 companies from different sectors). His energy and commitment is not only touching but praise worthy. It goes to show that volunteers can take charge and make it happen. Many thanks to Richard for his support and we look forward to having him as our quiz master in our future event.

Ash Gangotra

Heena Nagji

Heena is there with her team of Goldman Sachs volunteers like a clock work, year after year, for one of our biggest fund raiser – The cricket tournament. Heena, a second generation British Asian driven by her desire to connect with her roots chose to volunteer for CRY UK and rope in her company Goldman Sachs as well. She is a bubbly, enthusiastic employee of Goldman Sachs. Every year she brings her team of elves from GS to help us on the ground with our annual cricket tournament and no job is too small for this team. While at work they are executives used to giving orders but when Heena and her team volunteer for CRY, they switch roles and serve players their tea, coffee and lunch and look after their needs with a smile and ease. CRY UK is thankful to Heena and her team and is aware that collectively we can make a difference, it only requires the desire to do so.

Hazel Wigginton

Hazel came to volunteer for CRY Uk’s cricket (make K capital in UK). She identified with our cause and ended up raising funds by running the British 10K. It's volunteers like Hazel and others which makes CRY UK tick.

  • CRY UK Honour Roll


    is a leading energy and commodity news agency based in London. We truly appreciate their nomination of CRY – as their annual charity and a donation of £1000.

  • Ash Gangotra


    A Michelin Indian Restaurant London - for their incredible support to fundraise for our ‘Treat Rights’ Campaign in the past 2 years.

  • Ash Gangotra

    Bombay Brasserie, Courtfield, London

    – for their incredible support to fundraise for our ‘Treat Rights’ Campaign.

  • Ash Gangotra

    Gymkhana, Michelin Star Indian Restaurant and Bar, London

    - for their immense support to fundraise for our ‘Treat Rights’ Campaign.

  • Ash Gangotra

    Ashoka Maurya, UK-based fashion designer

    To mark the launch of his brand Ashoka Maurya, UK-based fashion designer Ash Gangotra has teamed up with CRY - Child Rights and You UK. For every item of clothing sold worldwide from this collection, a £3 donation will be made directly to CRY UK, towards ensuring children's right to education, quality healthcare, protection and participation in India. We thank Ash Gangotra for supporting children's rights.

    Click here for more details.

CRY UK partner Shree Kadwa Patidar Samaj (UK)

Samaj (UK), a charitable organisation established in 1974 in the UK. It tries to promote and preserve the Indian cultural identity by organising cultural events and festivals. They strongly believe in the cause of education to all children and also run their very own Gujarati school in the UK.

Nuptial And Events Pvt Ltd

Hosted a New Year's Eve Gala Dinner & Dance at Holiday Inn Hotel, Wembley. For every ticket purchased, GBP 25 went towardsCRY UK and the cause of underprivileged children in India.

Rasa, an award-winning chain of restaurants

For bringing the taste of authentic, home-cooked southern Indian food to the UK. Rasa helped CRY UK by spreading the word and garnering support for the issue of child rights violation to its diners across its 6 restaurants in London.

Bambino Direct,

one of our sponsors, is the UK's largest Nursery stores who stock a huge range of car seats, travelsystems, prams and from brands such as Quinny, Britax, Bugaboo and Maxi Cosi.

Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson had run in six marathons across the globe.In his 7th Marathon, in Antarctica February 26, 2005, he decided to raise funds for CRY. He raised a total of GBP 12000 from his friends and colleagues across the globe.


an 18 year old embarked on a 2 week trip in the heart of Peru. He trekkedup the famous Inca trail to the lost city of Machu Picchu, raising funds for CRY.


Sponsored the Holi event in 2007.Their support ensured that all of the GBP 5500raised from the event was donated to CRY

State Bank of India

Sponsored the Thames Cruise; Independence Day celebrations in 2007. Their support ensured that all of the GBP 5000 raised from the event was donated to CRY.


Sponsored the Diwali event in 2007. Their support ensured that all of the GBP 4000 raised from the event was donated to CRY.


Cadence Technologies has partnered with CRY for the CRY Cadence Corporate Cricket Challenge since 2006. This partnership ensures that the entire tournament cost is covered and the funds raised fromparticipating teams is donated to CRY.

Kanan Dhru & Leda Bargiotti

both LSE students helped CRY with venue hire at LSE for various fundraising events. Due to their help CRY could hire the venues for free or at a very subsidised cost.

Ritu & Anshul

are part of the London volunteer group. Their initiative and dedication have helped organise all the fundraising events in London.

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