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CRY UK holds a Night Walk to raise funds for underprivileged children in India London, April 2, 2012: CRY UK - Child Rights and You UK organised a Night Walk on Saturday, 31st March 2012 to raise fund forunderprivileged children  in India. The 6 kilometre walk from Vauxhall

Bridge Road to Tower Bridge drew participants of all ages. Funds raised through this event will go towards CRY UK's projects in India that work with children to ensure that no child goes without their basic rights to survive, develop, be protected or participate in matters that affect them. Speaking on this occasion, Shruti Tanna from CRY UK said, "The CRY UK Night Walk is an opportunity for people to come together to raise funds to ensure children living in India have a better future and enjoy their full spectrum of rights. This event was also an opportunity for CRY UK and its supporters to build our support base in the UK by creating awareness about the issues being faced by children in India today."

CRY UK works for the rights of children in India by raising awareness, mobilising resources and engaging with the Indian communities in 3 cities of the UK. "Our work in the UK is made possible entirely with the help of a group of motivated volunteers. The power of one person to make change possible is often underestimated. Our experience of working with village communities through our partners, on one hand, and with the Indian public in the UK on the other, shows that there is a small but highly motivated group of people with the power to turn the tide of poverty and vulnerability in India," said Ms. Tanna. The event drew supporters of all ages who were keen to fundraise for the cause. Six-year-old Dhruv Jajodia who raised over £400 and participated in the 6-kilometer walk said, "Suresh wants to be a pilot but does not have access to schools.

Sita wants to be a nurse, but as a girl child she may not be allowed to finish school. Karsan is really good at singing, but he is seriously ill. I would like to help Suresh, Sita, Karsan and lots of other under privileged children through CRY UK." Nishith Dhawan, a 27-year-old IT professional and a volunteer from London said, "CRY helps improve the lives of children in India and I want to contribute towards ensuring a lasting change in their lives". "I love the work CRY is doing for children in India. We don't realise that ( every little step helps) and goes a long way and makes such a difference to a child's life. I am so proud to be part of this initiative," said walker Pooja Juneja (Founder & CEO of Mum's and Me), London. "It was a pleasure to have the opportunity and see London from a different viewpoint.  Six kms seemed to completely fly by. What we did, which was even better, was that we walked the 6km knowing that the money we had raised would be going towards a great cause - CRY," added  Tobin Postma who works with Arcelor Mittal.

The proceeds from the CRY UK Night Walk will go towards funding several CRY UK initiatives in India. CRY UK currently supports two projects in India in partnership with CRY India - the Jago Foundation in Jharkhand and the Gram Swaraj Sangh (GSS) in Gujarat, an organisation that works with scheduled tribes in Kutch. To participate in CRY UK events, please write to

About CRY UK:
CRY UK - Child Rights and You UK exists today because we believe that the harsh reality faced by millions of Indian children and their families should not be overlooked. It is a conviction we share with our partner, CRY India - an organisation that has spent over 30 years advocating for the rights of children in India. CRY UK aims to amplify the voices of India's children, and their struggle for survival. Through our efforts, we aim to effect change that will ultimately stop the vicious circle of poverty, hunger, discrimination and the lack of access to healthcare and education. In short, we aim to bring about a change to ensure that every child in India, regardless of race, religion or background, has a fulfilling and enriching childhood, guaranteed to them as citizens of India.

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