CRY UK brings the world of Indian Children to life at Annual Fundraiser NGO launches 'Adopt a Hamlet' programme to reach underprivileged children in Kutch, India. London, 16 September 2012: CRY-Child Rights and You UK hosted its annual fundraising dinner 'Pledge 2012' at the London Mariott, Grosvenor Square, in London on Saturday, 15th September. The event was an opportunity for patrons to experience and discover the aspirations and dreams of underprivileged children in India through videos conceptualised by the children themselves. The event also marked the launch of CRY UK's 'Adopt a Hamlet' programme, through which supporters in the UK can ensure the rights of underprivileged children living in rural hamlets in the Kutch region of Gujarat, India.

The theme for the evening was 'Come Share My World', which is based on a profound insight that although supporters in the UK are aware of the generalities of deprivation in India, it is often difficult for them to comprehend the particular experiences, needs and problems faced by the children. CRY UK conducted a workshop with children from Project GSS through which the children were able to capture their lives on video. Explaining the workshop, Puja Marwaha, CEO CRY India said, "This workshop was designed to help capture the children's own interpretations and understanding of their lives, hopes and dreams. The workshop was a step towards ensuring these children their right to participation - because in order to participate, you have to be heard. 'Come Share My World' enabled them to speak to us and lets us know that they are there; and that they too have hopes and dreams and aspirations, which we cannot ignore."

Speaking about the 'Adopt a Village' initiative, Shruti Tanna, head of Resource Generation - CRY UK said, "The'Adopt a Hamlet' programme is an effective way for people in the UK to make a change that stays in the lives of underprivileged children in Kutch, India. By adopting a hamlet, a supporter can reach out to about 70 children who live in their hamlet and ensure that they get their rights to healthcare, education, mid-day meals, electricity, etc. It is a scheme designed to ensure the all-round development for the children and their communities." Pledge 2012 was attended by 275 people from the Indian diaspora in London. The event included an auction of mud paintings by children from the CRY UK-supported project areas. 35 hamlets were adopted under the Adopt a Hamlet scheme. Funds raised at the event will go towards CRY UK's projects in India that work for child rights.

Online pledges for CRY UK's projects in India can be made at: // About CRY UK: CRY UK - Child Rights and You UK exists today because we believe that the harsh reality faced by millions of Indian children and their families should not be overlooked. It is a conviction we share with our partner, CRY India - an organisation that has spent over 30 years advocating for the rights of children in India. CRY UK aims to amplify the voices of India's children, and their struggle for survival. Through our efforts, we aim to effect change that will ultimately stop the vicious circle of poverty, hunger, discrimination and the lack of access to healthcare and education. In short, we aim to bring about a change to ensure that every child in India, regardless of race, religion or background, has a fulfilling and enriching childhood, guaranteed to them as citizens of India. For more information, please write to us at

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