"If we all decide to do something to end child deprivation in India today, such chilling statistics need not challenge us anymore."
- Ms. Sharmila Tagore

"I believe that CRY has the intent, the processes, and the people to professionally deploy resources and makea real difference to Indian children. The learning, the fun gatherings and cool events surely beat the joys of apathy or armchair criticism! I hope to get a step closer to real social change with CRY UK".
- Mudit R

"What started off as intent to make a small difference quickly translated into an endeavour to see how best we can make a difference for the CRY group and their projects sitting here in UK.
"There are stories of immense hope and joy from some of India's most neglected areas that support from the global community has made possible"
- Soha Ali Khan

Hopefully with the thought that this small contribution quickly grows to larger contributions not only in terms of donations but also in terms of a larger volunteer group"
– Rohit Nath, volunteer

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