does for Underprivileged

We’ve learned that the only sustainable way to make change last is to adopt what we call the 'child rights approach.'
First, by looking at children's issues in their entirety, rather than through the silos of education, health, child labour, child abuse, foeticide/infanticide and so on.
Then by understanding the underlying root causes of the deprivation – gender, caste, livelihoods, displacement, geographies and the like. Finally, mobilising each local community to find long-term solutions to these problems, by ensuring relevant laws and policies that guarantee implementation of their rights.
At CRY we believe in child rights for three reasons – because the alternatives are unjust, illegal and ineffective.

What we do

CRY's role is that of an enabler between two groups of people – the development organisations working for child rights at the grassroots level and people like you, who come together for child rights.

What you can do

The initiatives we support work at the grassroots-level to restore the basic rights of children, including street children, the girl child, children bonded in labour, children of commercial sex workers, physically and mentally challenged children and children in juvenile institutions.

We select these initiatives based on their track record, the issues they address and the impact of their work on the lives of children, their families and their communities. We support them in various ways – through funding, training, advocacy and networking with other organisations working in similar areas.

We work closely with CRY India, who, over the past 35 years, has developed highly effective systems for selecting, planning, monitoring and evaluating such interventions. Over 15, 00,000 children across India now have opportunities that they could only dream of before, because people like you chose to make it happen. Donate online. Make lasting change possible.

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