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We believe every child has the right to live a safe, secure, healthy and educated life. And with this belief, in 2013-14 alone, CRY UK supported projects reached out to 22,174 children living in 185 rural and tribal villages across Gujarat and Jharkhand, India. Our work is aimed to ensure enrollment and retention in schools, protection against easily preventable diseases and eradication of child labour.

But our movement is far from finished. Millions of children still await change. By donating online, you can help us go a long way in restoring the rights of children in India. Help us ensure lasting change in the lives of children.

CRY UK is a registered organisation with charity no. 1119026

Donation SchemeAmount (£)Donation Amount
Enroll children into government school and also provide educational support to help them stay in school for a year
Enable education and healthcare for a year
Help a village to demand and gain access to primary healthcare like immunisation and health checkups
Stop child labour by helping parents gain employment and providing children access to education
Ensure a village is totally free of child labour and children are in school
Support a hamlet for a year and ensure all children have access to education, healthcare and basic amenities
Ensure children their rights (Fill in your amount) £ 0
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Child Rights and You UK is registered charity no. 1119026 Registered in England as a company limited by guarantee having
company number 05621889 Registered Office: Mr. Teja Picton-Howell, Child Rights and You UK, C/O - Penningtons Manches LLP,
Abacus House, 33 Gutter Lane, London, EC2V 8AR.
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