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Contrary to common belief children are not just "little adults", their bodies...
Volunteer Voices // 25 Oct 2012

Proud to be a CRY volunteer and will remain one for my entire life
Volunteer Voices // 12 Oct 2012

Volunteer with CRY UK

The spirit of volunteerism has been an underlying lifeline of CRY UK. We began CRY with 7 young volunteers and today, CRY UK volunteers are a repository of energy, creativity and commitment. They are individuals and groups who come from different backgrounds, with varied interests and expertise, united by a mission to make a difference in the lives of children across India. Join us to ensure that every child in India has a fulfilling and enriching childhood.

Ways to volunteer

  • 1.

    From cricket to dinner galas, we hold several high profile fund-raising events throughout the year. You can join these events by being a part of the organising committee or even help us gather participation by promoting and selling tickets.

  • 2.
    Local Gatherings

    Help us create awareness through opportunities like festival celebrations, concerts, book reading, art festivals etc.

  • 3.
    Employee Giving

    You can get CRY UK on the list of approved charities at your place of work and encourage your colleagues to donate for the cause.

  • 4.
    Matching Grant

    If your organisation offers matching grants/donations help us enrol as a 'charity of choice'.

  • 5.
    Volunteer Action Centres (VAC)

    VACs are formal structured groups run by volunteers in different regions, all of whom have designated roles and responsibilities to suit skills and interest. You can either become a part of an existing local VAC or form a new group within your region/locality.