CRY UK Football

Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic participation in CRY UK’s Football Championship. The final match was played between Augentius and HiFX.

HiFx emerged as the winner of the tournament.

We would like to congratulate all the teams and thank our enthusiastic volunteers. Your support has helped us bring positive change in the lives of children.

Glimpses from the event

Score a goal for child rights

If you are interested in football and can form a 7 member team (5 players + 2 substitutes), here's your chance to play your favourite sport and ensure children their rights - to live, learn, grow and play! Join us in the 'autumn edition' of the CRY UK Football Championship and score a goal for child rights!

Funds raised through this event will go towards supporting CRY UK projects, Gram Swaraj Sangh and Jago Foundation in India.

Participation Fee: £450 for a corporate team and £200 for a group of individuals

Date: 12th November 2016

Time: 3:00 pm onwards

Venue: Play on Sports
22-36 Raven Row Whitechapel
London, E1 2EG
0207 247 6484
Nearest tube station – Whitechapel
(5 min walk from the station)

Participating Teams:

Hamilton Court FX
Deutsche Bank
Langham Hall

To participate kindly contact:

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