Ensuring Sita’s ‘Right to Write’
“Ma, Siksha toh humara adhikar hai” (Education is my right) appealed Rita

9 year old Sita lives in Senadoni Panchayat with her mother and six siblings. The untimely death of her father left the brunt of responsibility on Sita’s mother. Unable to meet expenses on her own Sita’s mother was forced to send her elder daughter to work, and Sita had to drop out of school to take care of her siblings.

Hearing of the family’s plight the members of Bal Samsad (Childrens Collective) and Kishori Samuha visited Sita. But the first visit proved futile. Even Sita’s elder sister, Rita’s appeal fell on deaf ears. Sita was adamant about staying at home and look after her younger siblings. Bal Samiti and Kishori groups repeatedly counseled and eventually convinced Sita and her mother about how important it was for Sita to go back to school. Once Sita was ensured her siblings would be taken care of her face light up with a smile.

Today, Sita’s mother is making arrangements at the ICDS centre with the guidance of Mata Samiti to take care of the younglings. And Sita; she’s happy as ever to be back in school

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