Make a resolution
to send children to school

A New Year resolution is all about challenging yourself to improve aspects of your life. But, wouldn't it be great if you could take up a challenge that not just helps you, but also helps educate thousands of underprivileged children in India?

All you have to do is take up a fun and exciting challenge. Get your friends and family to support you by contributing to the cause. Your efforts can ensure children across CRY UK supported projects live happy, confident lives. Every £100 that you raise will enroll 10 children in school for the upcoming academic year.

If you would like more information about our efforts or need any help in setting up a fund raising page, write in to

Ankur's Dry January Efforts

People who know me know how much I enjoy a drink or two or sometimes even more ;) But giving it up this January for this Noble cause.

I know it is going to be difficult but sure will achieve it with all your support. So please keep up the momentum and let's do our bit for India and it's future - Children who matter the most!

Let's keep them in school and out of child labour with nutritious mid day meals!!

Suneel Saini’s adventurous road trip from London to Mumbai

The Long Journey Home is about driving half way across the world from London to my hometown Nahan in North India & eventually finishing in Mumbai. This journey will take us through twenty one countries covering almost 15000 miles. It will take around 10-12 weeks to complete depending on the circumstances we find on our route.

In fulfilling this dream of ours, we are also trying to raise funds for a Charity called C.R.Y that works for underprivileged children in India. Money raised through this pledge will be used to support one of their projects in far flung parts of the country. Many children in these remote communities do not have access to basic facilities and opportunities. A small contribution from all of us can change that.

Tushar’s Tough Mudder Challenge

I'm part of a team of 3 attempting to tackle Tough Mudder, a 12 mile military-style obstacle course! Those of you who know me well would know I'm not much of a runner (and tough isn't exactly an accurate description of me). I have never raised money for a charity before but decided that if there was any event, this was the one!

The inspiration behind this challenge is CRY UK (, a global charity that I've been involved with over the last couple of years

So please dig deep to make all my aches and pains worthwhile - I'd really appreciate it. No matter how small every penny counts!


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