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GSS started interventions by setting up a small school for 50 children of the Koli community, in the Rapar block of Kutch. The Kolis are small farmers who also engage in coal making and the Parkara Kolis are migrants. They are considered to be criminal communities and are looked down upon by the other social groups. They survive on labour intensive activities, including daily wage works and agricultural labour. Today the organisation works in 76 hamlets with the issues of education, health, education and healthcare of children.


  • 1 The hamlets are excluded from various government schemes
  • 2 Children are not covered under immunisation.
  • 3 Integrated child development schemes (which includes pre-school centres) are non-operational
  • 4 Limited access to schools – government primary school is 2 kms away and nearest secondary school is 6 kms away.
  • 5 The very low child sex ratio in the hamlets reflect sex selective abortions and female infanticide
  • 6 Mortality is very high


  • 5893children impacted
  • 242 children immunised
  • 1130 enrolled in playgroups (anganwadi)
  • 2769 enrolled in schools
  • 753 children are a part of childrens’ collective

Looking Ahead

  • Ensure immunization of 1200 children
  • Enroll and retain 2121 children in school
  • Ensure quality mid-day meals in 5 schools
  • Demand for electricity in 5 schools and drinking water in 11 schools
  • 4 seasonal hostels to be demanded

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