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Based in the Giridih district, Jago was set up in 2004 in response to mass displacement of local communities due to mining and land acquisitions programmes. The depletion of forest cover led to a further loss of income and added to their hardship.

Saying no to child labour and yes to education.


  • 1 There is a shortage of quality primary and preschools. As a result, majority of the children in the age group of 3-5 years do not get enrolled.
  • 2 Existing pre-schools, have a shortage of teachers and also do not have quality teachers, teaching material or techniques to monitor the progress of children.
  • 3 The situation at primary schools is similar in terms of shortage of quality teachers and interesting teaching techniques.
  • 4 Often children have to walk/travel more than 3Kms to reach the nearest school.
  • 5 Poorly maintained class rooms, no functioning toilets, no play grounds and irregular access to drinking water are some of the other existing problems.


  • 206Children enrolled in ICDS
  • 34dropouts reenrolled into schools.
  • 12 Villages have become child marriage free
  • 432 Children enrolled in schools.
  • 21 Villages have become child labour free.

Looking Ahead

  • Project has demanded that the government set up more pre-schools in the project area. This will ensure that all children in the age group 3-6 yrs have an opportunity of enrolling in the school.
  • Project is also working closely with 8 pre-schools to improve their quality of teaching and engagement with children
  • In primary schools the main objective is to increase the retention of children in school and improve the quality of education, create a joyful learning environment, ensure school infrastructure meets RTE norms with trained and adequate number of teachers.

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